Chartwells Dining Hall Marketing Intern


The Dining Hall Marketing Intern will help promote all dining services events on Social Media via our Dine On Campus site and flyers. The student must be able to sit or stand for long periods of time and walk around campus hanging flyers.  Dress will be casual.

Work Schedule

The Dining Hall Marketing Intern will make his or her own schedule in conjunction with the Dining Hall needs at the beginning of the semester. The supervisor is flexible with scheduling according to class schedules.


The Dining Hall Marketing Intern will work in the Dining Hall kitchen and eating areas; as well as around campus.


Specific duties include but are not limited to:

  • Have a good understanding of Social Media
  • Be able to communicate well with other students and help Chartwells grow the participation of students liking Chartwell's on Facebook and Twitter
  • Ability to work in PowerPoint and Publisher to produce promotional flyers for Dining Services events
  • Daily/weekly postings for Dining Services on Social Media

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